Technology Trailblazers & Content Creators

As a digital publishing company, we successfully combine creativity with state-of-the-art cloud-based technology to produce compelling content for our unique audience. We use our unparalleled technology and data analysis to reach new levels of distinction in the online publishing world.


Our Story

Cortex Media Group was born to provide unique content that adds value to readers’ everyday lives. Run by a world-class team of motivated and creative writers and editors; we strive to produce content that involves and intrigues our readers. Together with our strong development team and indispensable marketing team, we are unstoppable.

As the proud parent company of Samyo News, we take high-end content very seriously. We offer carefully written, informative, and entertaining content. Our loyal readers drive us to keep up with all the latest news and trends. With over 20 million monthly visitors, we have our sights set on new horizons.

Our Content

Our seven unique websites offer content on a wide range of topics including travel, history, culture, animals, and more. With content optimized for all platforms, readers can enjoy our content absolutely anywhere.

Our primary focus is to adapt, research, and write material that grabs our readers and launches them into an alternate reality — one where all their dog-loving needs are met, and they know exactly what cars are expected to be released next year. Our passion is creating content that matters, no matter who you are.

Using cutting-edge technology software and analysis we are able to accurately select the most potentially successful content.

Editorial Policy

Through rigid policy adherence, Cortex MG produces enjoyable, ethical, and clean content that is suitable for a wide range of readers. With this in mind, audiences can safely trust our family-friendly content.


Cortex Media Group reaches millions of readers through our seven owned and operated verticals. Our content reaches a predominately North American audience that is made up of a number of demographics.

At Cortex, we understand that the future of media is in data, and lots of it. With personalized algorithms and unique proprietary technology, we have expanded our audiences and experienced higher user engagement while studying our readers.


User Value Optimization and Attribution

We use sophisticated techniques to increase ad metrics for each user, trying to maximize user engagement and user experience, while increasing ROI for advertisers.

Content Management and Publishing Tools

We manage our content innovatively enabling our writers and creative teams to concentrate on content writing, minimizing all the menial work to advanced cloud mechanisms.

Real-Time Analytics

We've created the ability to view traffic and content performance in real-time while monitoring and alerting various capabilities and behaviors. Giving each writer real-time feedback on audience engagement with their work, including specific insights.

Fraud Detection and Prevention

We work with industry leading partners to monitor and prevent any fraudulent or suspicious behavior in real-time.